Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18 2013

Well, it was carnival this past week in the guatemala.
Carnival means
Eggs, flour, Glitter, confetti and any kinds of craft art you can think of really. The youth gather all of the listed above in hand fulls and huck it in your face, and if you`re lucky in your hair.

  Many are targeted but mostly only the helpless little ladies walking home from a day at work are targeted and blasted with a face full of egg goo and immediately after showered in dirt, flour, and arts and crafts.

  Our president notified us that if we might have problems with carnival that we enter the house at 6 o`clock. We figured that since we live in a not very populated... village, we would not encounter these problems....

                           BOY were we wrong.

My comp and I were cooned in a tree by a blood thirsty pack of little girls for about a good 30 minutes. I actually climbed the "cut off" ladder to our water tower, but my comp couldn`t reach the ladder so he climbed a near by tree. My arms were sore from hanging there so long...

Heres a photo

Elder Wimmer

FEBRUARY 11 2013

{MOM says...yes this is all we received this week....people tell me when he doesn't need those letters from home so much...he is completely involved in his service....I'm guessing we are there!}

Wellllllll Twas a delightful week. Thank you everyone for the birthday
letters it was very much appreciated!

Sorry to tell you but this is going to be a short one so I`ll just give you a few highlights.

I booted a dog in the jaw about 3 times this week.

I chased another one out of the chapel.

I nearly killed a members child while playing ¨chase¨ with him. Long story.

Were having much success!


Sorry! have to go

Yes, I wrote to too many of the birthday wishes....

Love Elder Wimmer

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

the earth moves in momos...


November 12, 2012

Another week in Momostenango,

the amish colony of guatemala.

It was a great week and to answer your question, Yes,  I felt two big
earthquakes this past week, it was super cool. For me at least.
Probably not for the people who died or whose houses caved in. I felt
like i was waiting in line for the indiana jones ride with the 3rd
world rustic atmosphere and cool earth quake effects, But it was real
this time and my life was actually in danger. It actually wasn`t to
bad where i lived the worst was stuff falling off shelves and my comp
nearly peeing himself but other than that all is well. There might
have been worse but i haven`t heard about them yet. An area near by
got it pretty bad though, Like I said deaths, houses and other things.
Well on the other hand life is great. We have an awesome ward and they
are so loving towards the missionaries. My legs no longer fit in the
skinny levis i brought from climbing the mountains. Flat does not
exist in my area but i love it. This last week we helped a less active
chop down a tree and CARRY it up a mountain. I ended up with the
trunk.. We had to go down a little of one mountain, cross a river, (No
there was no bridge or rock path) And hike up a different mountain. It
took nearly 2 HOURS. With out the trunk maybe twenty minutes hiking. I
had to take MANY rests and my comp had to help me lift it up to my
shoulder every time we started again. I felt pretty tough and manly
until a 60 year old woman past me up with a huge bag of wood on her
back. That will humble any man.
Well as usual its not much but its all i`ve got time for. I love you
all sooo much and appreciate every one of your emails you send me.
Even though i may not make many comments about them i enjoy all of
Love you so much,
Elder Nicholas Wimmer

Some of the average landscape, full of corn.

Waterfalls we found where we want to Babtize!

                                                                                                                                                        November 5, 2012

Well it`ll be another short one.. The power went out while I was
typing my letter.. Were in momo`s right now, Our area doesnt have
internet so we come down to the city on P-days. But dont let city fool
you. Its still tiny. Sorry!   Also, Today was the the first P day of
the month so we got to go to the city (Quetzaltenango) and buy FOOD!

So let me tell you about When we arrived at the chapel where we would
be living we were greeted by a nice old man, Thomas. he is a member as
of some time and is the father/grandfather of 50 OTHER MEMBERS. He is
a small man with a gimp leg but STILL works in construction. He took
one of my bags and walked us up to the chapel. It was filthy and
freezing. Thomas, gave us a very heart felt and sincere welcome and
took off. We started to clean the house and we heard a man shout
"elderes!". The man came literally running up to greet us. He was
Apolonio our ward mission leader and he said that he would pass by in
a little he was working but heard we had arrived and had to come to
meet us. And that was it! He ran from work to greet us and took off
running again. It was great to be able to meet our Ward Mission Leader
so soon. So we kept working and just a few moments later again we
heard "elderes!". We walked out to great big hug by two young boys,
one little girl, and their father. They were so happy to see us and
immediatly invited us to eat dinner at their house. "even though it`ll
just be beans and tortillas we would love to have you." we gladly
accepted, and continued cleaning. A few minutes later ANOTHER man came
up to the fence with his kids completely content to have us there.
NEVER in my mission have I recieved such a welcome.. It was So
humbling and so heartfelt. The Visits didn`t stop either. what a
so, later that night some how they had found out that we were low on
food and from that ENTIRE week we had breakfast. Lunch. AND dinner
with a member. I felt like crying that people with so little were so
willing to give so much... What a blessing to be in this area.
LOVE YOU FAMILY!!! i have to go. Times Up..
Love Elder Wimmer

October 20, 2012

So you know how elders get to the field they say stuff like "What
language is that?" or "thats not the language they taught me in the
MTC..?" Well i found myself saying that same thing when i first
arrived in my area in Santa Anna.. its funny because it really WASN'T
the language they taught me in the MTC... "Thats Quiche".
     They say every area has its challenges and i found this ones out
quite easily when my ward mission leader first greeted me. "Utzawach".
"Oh dear."
Santa anna is one of the highest areas in the mission and is so very
cold at night. We have to enter the house at 6 o'clock because there
are NO lights at night, HENCE its semi dangerous. We are surrounded by
trees and it actually is almost similar to Utah but the mountains are
covered with corn and here and there are small humble homes. It is up
and down and up and down. There are no flat parts in our area and i
love it! i feel like i`m back in boy scouts literaly running up and
down mountains, hoping streams and river, taking sticks and stones for
the animals.
There are ALOT of members 110 in all and they are so very loving. i`ll
explain the next time more about the people. I`m sorry but the stories
will be short here and they will be in many different parts. My comp
is a Human and i get along with trees just great now.
Love Elder Nicholas Wimmer

October 22, 2012

Well!... I`m in a whole new mission.

Last night at 10 o`clock the AP`s called to give us the changes for
the zone and to our suprise... I had changes. And to our greater
suprise the changes were the next morning at 9 30. Ouch. So i was up
until midnight last night packing my things. So this morning we left
to changes at 6 30. When we arrived they told me i would be opening a
closed area in Momostenango called Santa Anna.

This is a unique zone and a unique area. I still have not been to my
area actually! but i`ve heard of it... In Santa Anna I will be living
a new life. I will live in a chapel. I will be showering with cold
water. I will be Traveling two hours away to buy groceries and I will
be washing my clothes pioneer style. Its a whole new mission now.
There are no stores. There are no paved roads. and there is a new
companion. My new comp is Elder Llantoy from peru. He seems great! I
am so excited to go and to able to put all my focus on the work. Yep,
i`m no longer a ZL. But I`m alright with this, I`m in my prime and now
is when i take all i`ve learned and put to work. I pray to bring many
of christs children unto him. I`ll let you know how it goes this first
week! not much time sorry.
I`m officially the oldest Gringo in the mission. Theres a large gap
between me and the group that left today.
i want to make you proud.

October 15, 2012

Well no the package has not yet arrived... Oh well. My health is well,
kevin has a new a friend that has really done some work on my
intestines. they don`t really bother me much, only that when i have to
go to the bathroom, I HAVE to go to the bathroom. There`s no hold up,
its more buckle up were going full throttle. Other than that i have
been actually really good. I`m so very grateful that i am always able
to sleep through the night. Its a common blessing that makes a great
start to every day.
So, this past tuesday we went with the assistant to work. As we were
working he caught me... I have to get a new pair of shoes. I`ve had
this pair of shoes since the beginning and they`ve always been my
favorites but... I apparently no longer meet the mission standards.
Heres a quick picture i took. They dont look too bad above but the
biggest problem is the sole. I didn`t have time to take a picture. It
doesn`t matter if it is raining that day, if it has rained that day,
or even if it has rained in the past WEEK. If there are puddles of any
size or depth my feet are soaked. It could be a sunny day and i`ll be
walking around in soaked socks. So i have to ask. May i take out a
little money to buy some shoes? Sorry..

I had to take a picture before i had to leave them in my last area.

October 8, 2012

Well fam it was a good week. Conference week is always a good week.
Although they didn`t let us watch it in english this time it was still
great to get some fresh revelation. I had to focus in a lot more to
try and get stuff out of it because they also speak in bible talk or
the above average intelligence talk.
   We had investigators in all sessions but one. And different
investigators in each one. That was great to have but it was difficult
for them to focus during the meeting. I guess i can`t blame them.
Listening to old men speak for two hours strait isn`t very easy
   We have a couple baptismal dates and I am working and learning
alot. I hope that i can become a good and inspiring leader not just
for words but for my example. Its been good learning how to help
different kinds of people. Each person in this world is different and
theres not just one solution how to help all of them. Its sometimes
difficult to help people that dont want your help or really just dont
care. But one thing that i`ve learned is that "nobody cares how much
you know, Until they know how much you care". And more simply BE THEIR
FRIEND. Its something that is key to get any results out of someone
that you want to help. Think about it. Would YOU listen or really take
anything in from someone you dont like? or with whom you dont have a
good relationship? Wouldn`t that be difficult? But now think about it
if it was one of your close friends or loved family members. Being
friends first is so important to be able to help someone else make a
change. The Liahona of september talks about this same fact in the
importants of preaching the gospel to non members. So maybe your
situation is not a Non member but maybe a friend, family member, or
coworker. Compliment them, Share with them, Laugh with them and of
course Love them. We have to reach the point where we will be able to
converse with them with out outer feelings interupting the connection.
A clean, open, and loving conversation is possible if we can reach the
point of friends.
Well thats my random thought of the week and i hope it helps someone.
Thanks so much for all the love and support! I pray for you always
Love Elder Nicholas Wimmer

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


MARCH 12 2012

Well last week i gave another "my average day" but technical
difficulties occurred so here it is. I guess its good because i
couldn´t finish last week so maybe this week it will have more of my
average day.
My average day here usually consists of waking up at 6 o´clock and
doing excercise for an hour. After that first 60 minutes i usually
finish up by flexing in the mirror about 20 more. After wards i eat a
bowl of granola or oatmeal, a can of tuna, and some protein. I wait
until my comp gets out of the shower which isnt terribly long nor
terribly short. Once i´m in the shower the water isn´t hot or cold,
its usually warm. the water here somehow is all heated. I mean ALL
heated. There is no such thing as cold here, its all warm. but i guess
its fine cause you´ll never be drinking it. Once i´m out of the shower
I get ready and dressed for the day. I then start personal study which
is usually searching for good scriptures for investigators for the
first half then continuing in the book of mormon for the last half.
I´m in one of the best parts right now. 3 Nephi during christs visit
and teachings to the people here in the americas. It has a TON of
problem solvers for the people here. After personal study we have comp
study. Now before I go on i would like to describe, Who is, Elder
Huetes. Elder Huetes is 19 years old and is from nicaragua. We have
the same amount of time in the mission but he has one more change in
the field than me. He is about 6 inches shorter than me and looks
very... Alive. Now don´t get the word alive mixed up with lively,
cause they mean two very different things. Elder huetes is NOT lively.
but neither is he a sad person. Not smiley nor Frowny. He is not a
loud person nor is he quite. He speaks when spoken to or when needs be
but don´t expect anything shocking or suprising to come out of his
mouth. for example. I asked him what he liked to do at home. he waited
for a moment and replied "nothing".... I asked him if he had 2 hours
of spare time to do what ever he wanted and he waited for another
moment and again replied "nothing". The best way to describe elder
huetes is Alive. I call him "human". My human follows me around walks,
talks, eats and sleeps. Our conversations (which now rarely exist")
consisted of me asking him questions about himself  in which he always
responds with yes or no and a brief explination. He has not ONCE asked
me a personal question. Where are you from? what do you like to do?
Family, friends, girlfriend, hobbies, NOTHING. I cant complain about
him at all, we get along just fine! He just has the personality of a
tree. It lives and grows and never does anything exciting or out of
ordinary. But i will say we do have alot in common! turns out we BOTH
have a nose! and a pair of ears, we also both have hair, a mouth, AND
TWO EYES. Crazy huh?... That´s a little bit about Elder Huetes.
So back to comp study. We usually read a little of the mission manual
and then study for the needs of our investigators which we finally
have! We´ve actually got quite a few good ones now which has made it
alot better to be here. After we study and find scriptures for them we
finish with a prayer, put our shoes on and take off for the day. BUT..
i´m out of time. so that was my average morning and i´ll share what
happens once we leave the house next time.
So until then Thank you sooo much for all the love and support i´ve
recieved and i pray for you all every day. I hope the weddings and all
the stress it can bring will pass easily.
Elder Nicholas Wimmer

March 19 2012

Hey fam bam i´m on! just a couple of pictures. This is Elder zimmerman
and I believe i´ve mentioned him before. We´ve become good buds
sharing the area. Also father speaking of rugby, He plays rugby for
utah state! pretty cool eh? he´s a big boy. not extremely tall but

1)rough night out on the town (probably only share that with close friends)

2)Also speaking of weather. I´m sure you don´t have any of these back at home.

3)Since we share the area ever sunday night we do dinners together.

4)Zimmerman cracked the lid of the toilet 2 weeks ago and it this is
what it now looks like.

 5)That picture was taken about 2 seconds ago in the internet

Well Hello my family. Hope all is well and starting to warm up. Thanks
for your letters. Mom and Dads emails are always my favorites to read.
Todays letter i´m sorry to tell you is not going to be the last half
of my day, BUT.. It will still be an experience. Its an experience
that starts with dinner saturday night and finishes sunday morning.
And keep in mind this isn´t an uncommon experience here in the
  Saturday night for dinner Elder Zimmerman and his comp, and Me and
my human went to eat at a taco shop. We all ordered different things
and different numbers. I happened to order three regular taco´s. They
pretty tasty and generally filling. We ate our taco´s and left to our
separate appointments quite satisfied with our meals. Me and Elder
Huetes went to a semi active family to chat and help one of the
daughters with her english homework. When we arrived and sat down at
the table the daughter pulled out her homework and i started to help
her. As we were studying i noticed the mother put a pot on the
stove... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!...  The pot meant one of
two things either Tamales.... OR CALDO.... Now if you remember what
caldo is or have been keeping up with my letters you may remember my
knee cap caldo story. Yes, caldo can vary but none of the various
types are tasty in the slightest.
I continued to work with daughter awaiting my fate. What would it be,
dried oatmeal in a leaf or dismembered body parts soup. about 15
minutes later she laid a plate in front of me. PHEW... not caldo...
But wait not just ONE tamale... but TWO tamale´s! oh goodie. i didn´t
even have to ask for seconds. So as i ate my barf in a leaf i finished
up helping the girl with her homework. I drank the glass of soda they
gave me very quickly and i slowly finished what may have become my
DOOM. To be continued.... sorry! got to go! until next week.
Thanks for everything family i love and think of you often! Hope its a
nice and easy week.
Love Elder Wimmer

Previously on the mission "Taco´s for dinner" "teaching in enlish"
"pot on the stove" "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" "Two tamales....
Well here we are, i had just finished up my two tamales. Over flowing
with tacos and so called "food" in a leaf. I was SO DARN STUFFED that
i didn´t finish it all. Eventually said good bye and left to our last
appointment for the night. It hurt to WALK i was so full. After the
long walk we arrived at our cita. We Taught a small lesson for the
member family and finished up with a prayer. I stood up and reached
down for my back pack, when i looked up i saw one of the sons holding
a plate..... with ANOTHER tamale. Im sure he thought i had just been
stabbed by the look on my face. The truth is he might as well have. I
prayed that the tamale wasn´t for me but as i learned from the past
god doesn´t always answer our prayers... He gives us challenges so
that we can grow. In this situation, grow out ward. I sat back down
and looked at my tamale and thought to my self "I do hard things" and
What in the world!! The tamale was FLAMING LAVA HOT. And no not
tempurature wise but spicy wise. Somehow she made the awful tamales
even worse. She put in some craaaaazy chile that i´ve never even heard
of. IT. WAS. HORRIBLE. it burned in my mouth and grumbled in my
Well i´m really sorry but... AGAIN. i´ll have to continue this next
time. Sorry. Not alot of time to today. But i´ll finish the story next
time cause theres even more that happens.
Also! my human has changes. So! maybe i´ll get a comp that has a soul.
I´ve come to the conclusion that he recieved the death eaters kiss
recently before coming on the mission. So i´ll let you know who my new
comp is next weeek.
I love you all so much and do appreciate all your letters and love i
recieve. Hope its a good week for you as well
Love Elder Wimmer

March 28 
Now, where was I. oh yes. "It burned in my mouth and grumbled in my
stomach". That grumbling in my stomach continued for the rest of the
night until we got home. We planned for the next day, said our
prayers, and hopped in bed. I was soooooo stuffed and as always when
stuffed, VERY tired as well, so it was quite easy to fall asleep.
The next morning i woke up as always just a little bit before my comp.
I got down on my knees and started my morning prayer. As i was
praying, i felt something, in my stomach.. grumbling, i then felt
something in my lower gut move, and afterwards something TRYING TO
LIVING or had hands or something because i have never flexed my bum
and stomach so hard to try and keep this creature in. I quickly looked
over and noticed my comp was already down on his knees knowing that my
comps destination is ALWAYS the bathroom immediatly after he prays. NO
SIR, There is NO WAY my comp is beating me to the bathroom cause there
is NO WAY i am holding this thing in ANY LONGER. I immediatly finished
my prayer "NMSCRiSTEMN" and SPRINTED for the bathroom shouting "GO
and bum as hard as i could the whole way i eventually reached the
toilet. which by the way only had about 25 PERCENT of the lid. I sat
down so hard and fast that i CUT MY BUM on the jagged remnants of the
toilet lid....
Words can not describe and nor would i, if i could explain the events
that followed. The recovery from that experience was long, painful,
and VERY uncomfortable. but I am glad to say I survived with a little
help from a butt load of pepto bismal and some rest.
Well the resolution is short but it´ll have to do cause I've got to

 I hope that all is well with family and friends. I appreciate
your love and support.
thank you thank you thank you.
LOVE Elder Wimmer



Well well well, here we are again. another monday another holiday and
another change. and the news right now is not very specific. All that
i know is that i´m going to be leaving the Huehue valley. I like
huehue so i´m bummed but i´m also excited to get out and see more of
the mission. The AP´s did tell me that i´m going to be happy though so
we´ll see what they have in store for me tomorrow morning.
Well the birthday went quite well and we had a great activity on that
same day so it was all in all a great day. They sung and had cake for
me as well which was a nice suprise to get!
ALSOOOO.. thank you very much for all the birthday wishes! it was
great to hear from alot of people. I´m sorry i didn´t get to every one
but! i still love them! thank you all soooo muchl.
I´m really sorry but today i wont have much time again due to changes
and having A TON of families to visit before i leave. our p day will
be ending early for that reason. I´m very happy and learning to be
better every day! i cant wait for what the lord has in store for me
next! we´ll see!!! thank you thank you thank you and SORRY SORRY SORRY
that these past few letters have been REALLY lame but its been busy.
NEXT WEEK WILL BE GOOD. if time permits of course. thank you all so
Love Elder Wimmer


Hello family i´m on! Changes: I am in now in Xela, Oeste zone and the
area of San Mateo. The city of xela! near the temple too! its in our
zone. My new companion is Elder Huetes. Ehhh to be honest... not super
exciting news. He doesnt smile, has no emotion, and i truly havent
gotten to know him in the slightest yet. He doesn´t speak any english
but that hasnt really been the problem. the problem is getting him to
talk. He talks with the members alright because he was in this area a
few changes back but he´s all in all a good guy. I really cant
complain. We get along, he works pretty good, follows the rules.. i
should count my blessings. Well! i´ve got a story today so hear goes!
Also! i got your letters mom!!! And tyler.... HAPPPYYY DIRPAYYYYYY
BROVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you man. I really hope its a good one. I have
a bunch of clever lines i wanted to say but its better that i get
wrighting on my real page now soo it´ll sufice to say your awesome i
love and miss you and happy birthday.

                                                             Elder Rangel and Elder Wimmer
                                                                  Last work day together.


My new area of San Mateo! its much cleaner here!

Also side note. I was interviewed 2 different times on the news here
for our service picking up trash! I WAS ON THE NEWS TWICE! with my
broken spanish haha They love having gringos in their pictures. I felt
pretty cool hah

2 photos in the morning from the balcony, One with building focus and
one with sky focus

Well goooood morning family. I hope that all is well at home. And i
hope that i dont have a female for a father now, due to all that
wedding estrogen, darling this, darling that, blah blah blah. That made
me laugh pretty hard. hah
  This week has been the slowest week of my mission for some reason
but i´m sure it´ll pick up soon. Lots of meeting the members and
trying to find investigators. I do like the area and I have high hopes
so we´ll see!
I know that my past few emails have not been very informative
of how its been going here or just mainly havent been very enjoyable
to read. Quite boring to say the least. So this time i´ve semi
prepared a little something of a story to share with you. Its actually
the one from 2 weeks ago that i wanted to share but didnt have time to
do so, but here you are.
As you may or may not remember, before i left rumor had it
that Guatemala is filled with different Tribal Languages which the
natives speak. Well i´m here to tell you that... Its TRUE! In fact!
there are 24 different languages in all! No i am not going to list
them and neither could i list them even if i wanted to. But two of the
most common tribal or Native Languages here are Quiche and Mam. Yes, I
had heard it a little in the streets but it is not very common that
you find it. To be honest at the first of my mission i couldnt tell
the difference between Mam and spanish. Ok well maybe i could have but
not when people are just talking in the backround. It sounds like some
sort of african language with the clicking and that sort of stuff. Its
so cool!
 Any ways the story now. We were walking home from an appointment
and i heard some lady singing REALLY loud and REALLY... not the best
singing in the world. Sooo we followed it and came across a middle
aged lady singing the songs from her Evangelcal hymn book. She had
recently moved down from the mountains into the city of huehue. Her
husband is in the states and she lives with here with her 4 kids. (we
come across families in this situation ALOT. Mother, kids, no father)
We asked her and her children a few questions about her book and other
small talk questions. As we continued in conversation we increasingly
noticed that the mother wasn´t understanding our questions. She would
reply to our questions with completely off of subject answers. We
struggled to get answers that we wanted to hear. That is until she
turned to her children after a certain question and blurted out some
strange noises.... SHE COULDN´T SPEAK SPANISH! she spoke Mam! IT WAS
SO COOL!!!  Our conversation wtih her from there on out was through
the children. They translated for her! It was an english kid speaking
bad spanish to a semi spanish speaking Mam family. We talked for some
time and tried to learn a few phrases in mam and they tried a few in
english. It was such a cool experience!
I´m sorry i dont have much time so i´m going to cut the story short but side comment.
We showed her pictures of our home lives and when she saw one of me, jackson, and dallan 
SHE IMMEDIATLY GASPED........ "your eyes?....." she said looking at me with her jaw dropped.
In the picture i showed her we had red eyes from the camera
flash... and sheee waaaas scaaaared toooo death.. She had NEVER seen a
picture like that before!!! hahaha it took a bit for her to understand
but she eventually closed her mouth again. what a cool family they were.

Well I love you all and sorry i´m cutting it short and its scrambled
and unorganized but, i wrote a better letter than the past few.
THANK YOU and i love you so much family 

I´m doing great learning to work hard even when there´s nothing to work on. 
My companion is Good. Not bad, not great. Not very exciting but also not a drag. 

Our ward is only a branch. The chapel is small. Its interesting that it seems there´s
less members here in the city. Or at least just compared between this area and my last. 

My apartment is TALL, but with very small rooms. We
have three levels but we only use two. The water is naturally semi
warm but it doesn´t run between the hours of 1 in the after noon till
5 in the morning the next day. The running water is a morning thing only.

I eat tuna and oatmeal ALOT. I´m gaining weight,  good weight! 
I really have gained 20 pounds. I´m doing something called
P90X which is making me grow. I sleep well at nights and getting up is easy.

I miss my family and love them alot. No not in a distracting,
way but an encouraging way. I want to make you proud. I want to make
up for my earlier stresses I caused by bringing back a stronger
feeling of love, happiness, and hope. You, Dad, and my brothers and
sister helped me find this change. and Along with a hand from a good
friend (chunie) you have all helped me find a better... no, the Best
way to live my life. Thank you so very much for everything you have
done for me. All of you (fam and chunies) words and actions did go
unnoticed, but now have been dug up from the back of somewhere and have
been put into acknowlegdment and action. Who i am NOW, Is your words
and advice put into action.  Thank you and love you so much. 
Elder nicholas wimmer