Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18 2013

Well, it was carnival this past week in the guatemala.
Carnival means
Eggs, flour, Glitter, confetti and any kinds of craft art you can think of really. The youth gather all of the listed above in hand fulls and huck it in your face, and if you`re lucky in your hair.

  Many are targeted but mostly only the helpless little ladies walking home from a day at work are targeted and blasted with a face full of egg goo and immediately after showered in dirt, flour, and arts and crafts.

  Our president notified us that if we might have problems with carnival that we enter the house at 6 o`clock. We figured that since we live in a not very populated... village, we would not encounter these problems....

                           BOY were we wrong.

My comp and I were cooned in a tree by a blood thirsty pack of little girls for about a good 30 minutes. I actually climbed the "cut off" ladder to our water tower, but my comp couldn`t reach the ladder so he climbed a near by tree. My arms were sore from hanging there so long...

Heres a photo

Elder Wimmer

FEBRUARY 11 2013

{MOM says...yes this is all we received this week....people tell me when he doesn't need those letters from home so much...he is completely involved in his service....I'm guessing we are there!}

Wellllllll Twas a delightful week. Thank you everyone for the birthday
letters it was very much appreciated!

Sorry to tell you but this is going to be a short one so I`ll just give you a few highlights.

I booted a dog in the jaw about 3 times this week.

I chased another one out of the chapel.

I nearly killed a members child while playing ¨chase¨ with him. Long story.

Were having much success!


Sorry! have to go

Yes, I wrote to too many of the birthday wishes....

Love Elder Wimmer

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